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Vac-Sand - House Sanders Brisbane - Total Paint Removal Preparation Done Chemical Free.
Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane. Have been providing the total House Sanding of lead based paints, chemical free, from the Interior and Exterior walls of old timber house's, in and around the Brisbane area for the past 25 years. Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane use only paint industry approved, chemical free, Hepa Filtered Vacuum House Sanders, for the total removal of all the lead based paints present when House Sanding. Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane do not employ any contracting teams to carry out the lead based paint House Sanding process. Its all Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane's own quality personal House Sanding service, and Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane's quality results every time. The finished House Sanding results after our lead paint House Sanders work has been completed is 100% chemical free timber and 100% clean bare natural timber for you and the painters to apply your houses new paint.
House sanding brisbane.
Hardwood Weather Boards after 100% Chemical Free House Sanding.

100% "Natural Timber" And Zero Chemical Problems When You Paint!

No Subcontracting Teams Used.
Personal High Quality Service.
Problem Free When You Paint.
Longer Lasting New Paintwork.
Hepa Filtered Vacuum Sanders.
Zero Chemical Vapor or Waste.
Zero Chemical Timber Damage.
Zero Chemical Residue Problems.

The Key To All Work Is Quality Preparation. That's Why We Use The Sanding Process!

Its 100% "Natural Bare Timber" And "Problem Free Application" Of Your New Paint!

House sanding brisbane.
Hardwood Weather Boards, after our 100% Chemical Free, House Sanders have been used.
Vac-Sand - House Sanders - Hepa Vacuum House Sanding.
Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane. Our finished timber work areas have every layer of the lead based house paint totally removed from them back to the original clean bare 100% natural and chemical free timber surface. Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane provides you and your House Painters with clean smooth chemical free paint surfaces for all the new Primers and all the new Top Coats to be applied. Unlike using Messy and Hazardous Chemical Paint Strippers. Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane make sure the paint being applied never has the Problematic effects of Chemical Residue left in your clean fresh timber and also the need for Chemical Neatrilizers to try and remove that problem from your timber. There is nothing left on or in the clean natural timber provided by Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane that can cause Problems for you and your Painters when they are apply your New Paint Work. Vac-Sand House Sanders Brisbane provide chemical free, Quality work, every time. The results of our chemical free timber and our problem free preparation, is longer lasting new paint work for your house.

Chemical Stripping! Its "A Lie" To Say That Its Safe! Why The Need For Safety Protection? If Its SO Safe! Its Just Spin! To Scare You Into Using Their Process!

The Over The Top And Scaremonger Statements Made By Businesses.

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"One Fleck Of Lead Paint" Is Going To Harm You And Your family. What

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50% Of The Existing Lead Paint Flaking Off And Already In The Soil.

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"Biodegradable Stripper" Does Not Mean That "The Stripper" Is Safe!

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Chemical Stripping Problems - Hazardous Messy Process

Toxic Waste - Damages Timber - Residue Issues Painting

Chemical Strippers Produce 10x The Waste Of Hepa Vacuum Sanding.