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Why Pay A Painter Thousands Of Dollars! To Apply Your New Paint To Poor Quality Surface Preparation!

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Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.

Hardwood Weather Boards.

Original Clean Bare Smooth Timber! Free Of Chemicals! - The Best Problem Free Surface You Can Paint!

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane.
No Subcontracting Teams Used.
High Quality Personal Service.
Problem Free Paint Application
Longer Lasting New Paintwork.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane - Problem Free Paint Preparation

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane.
Hepa Filtered Vacuum Stripping.
Zero Chemical Vapors or Waste.
Zero Chemical Timber Damage.
Zero Chemical Residue Problems.

Are You Looking For Quality Total Lead Paint Removal! What you See Below! Its Our Results Every Time!

Hepa Vacuum House Sanding Preparation! Its Unmatched By Any Other Lead Paint Removal Process!

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane
Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.

Pine Chamfer Board.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane. Have been providing Total House Sanding of lead based paints, chemical free, from the Interior and Exterior walls of old timber house's in and around the Brisbane area for the past 25 years. Lead Paint Removal Brisbane only use paint industry approved Hepa Filtered Vacuum House Sanders, for the total removal of all the lead based paints present. Lead Paint Removal Brisbane do not employ any contracting teams to carry out the lead based paint house sanding process. Its all Lead Paint Removal Brisbane's personal quality house sanding service and Lead Paint Removal Brisbanes quality results every time. Quality unmatched by any other process.
Lead Paint Removal Brisbane
Lead Paint Removal Brisbane

Chemical Free Vacuum Sanded.

Hardwood Weather Boards.

Hepa Vacuum House Sanders

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane. Our finished timber work areas have every layer of the lead based house paint totally removed back to the original clean bare natural and 100% chemical free timber surface. Lead Paint Removal Brisbane provide you and your house painters with clean smooth chemical free paint surfaces for all the new Primers and all the new Top Coats to be applied. Unlike using Messy and Hazardous and damaging Chemical Paint Strippers. The System Lead Paint Removal Brisbane Use guarantees the paint being applied never has the Problematic effects of Chemical Residue left in your clean fresh timber and the need for Chemical Neatrilizers to be used to try and remove the residue problem from your timber. There is nothing left in or on the clean bare natural timber provided by Lead Paint Removal Brisbane that can cause Problems for your Painters when they arrive to apply your houses New Paint Work. New paint that lasts.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane - Hepa Vacuum Quality Results

Chemical Paint Stripper Safety Spin! - It Doesn't Match The Reality Of Its Known Risks And Side Effects!

Brisbane House Painters Least Used System! Chemical Paint Stripping! If It Can Harm You! Its Not Safe!

Check All The Chemical Paint Stripper Safety Data Sheet Risks! Ask Someone For Them Or Google Them!

WorkSafe Qld Recommend It! Chemical Stripper Safety Data Sheets! They Are Different To Sellers Spin!

Just Because A Chemical Paint Stripper Is Biodegradeable! It Does Not Mean The Paint Stripper Is Safe!

Using A Biodegradable Chemical Paint Stripper! It Can Still Cause Severe Skin Burn, Serious Eye Damage,

Have Inhaling Vapour Risks And Can Cause Fertility Damage! The Spin You Get Never Mentions The Risks!

Problems Using Chemical Paint Strippers - Its A Very Messy Process - The Chemicals Damage Timber

The Chemical Residue Effects The New Paint - Massive Cocktails Of Chemical /Lead Waste Are Created

When You Use Chemical Paint Strippers! - They Produce 10x The Waste Of Vacuum Sanding Removal!

Massive Amounts Of Chemical Stripper Full Of Lead! How Is That Safer And Better For the Environment?

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane - Chemical Paint Stripping Safety Issues.

Its Sad That Desperate Businesses Are Scaring Families Unnecessarily, To Sell Them Unsafe Chemicals!

Ask Qld Health! If any Families Got Effected By Just The One Lead Paint Flake Fom A Timber House Wall!

Chemical Strippers Can't Match Quality Of Vacuum Sanding Results! - So Sales Spin Uses Scare Tactics!

Beware The Person Advertising The Most! Desperation And Inferior Results! Is Their Common Motivation!

Scammers! Using Paid For Fake World Wide News Articles And Fake Reviews! World Famous What A Joke!

Chemical Paint Strippers Dishonest Scaremongering Sales Spin And Their Chemical Green Washing!

Ask Chemical Strippers To Prove That Just The One Fleck Of Lead Paint Has Effected A Brisbane Family!

All That Scaremongering Spin Tells You A Lot About The Businesses And The People You Will Deal With!

It also Tells you how desperate these businesses are to sell you their messy unsafe chemical products.

Its Spin, Not Said Out Of Concern For You! Just Scare You! "One Fleck Of Lead Paint" Will Harm You And Your family. Its Their Big Scaremonger Sales Statement. And Suggests Their Are A Lot Of Parents In Brisbane That Are Knowingly Putting Their Kids In Great Danger And Not Even Bothering To Do Anything About That Danger. Most Lead Paint Removal Work Is Timber Houses With At Least 5% To 50% Of The Lead Paint From The Walls Already Flaking Off And The Paints Laying On The Ground Around The Houses!

Thousands Of Families Live In These Houses All Over Brisbane And Relevant Authorities Do Nothing! Why!

Applying Scaremonger Spin! Authorities Should Be Condemning These Houses And Evacuate The Families!

Its All Said To Scare You! Into Using Messy Chemicals! That Have Known Problems Of Their Own! One Risk Example Being That They Create Massive Toxic Cocktails Of Lead And Chemicals. That End Up In Local Land Fill and End Up Polluting The Environment. By Creating Methane Gas That Pollutes The Soil And Water Around It. Ask Them For Proof Of Where The Toxic Waste Cocktails These Messy Chemicals Have Created Are Going. They Are The Ones Who Have Talked You Into Using The Massive Amounts Of Chemicals. So They Should Take Responsibility For The Safe And Proper Disposal Of Them! Not Just Someone Else's Problem, Out Of Site And Out Of Mind. Chemical Waste Dumping is already a big problem.

Chemical Lead Paint Removal - Using Scaremongering To Sell Their Chemical Paint Stripping Process.

Dishonest Biodegradeable Spin! That Biodegradeable Stripper Means And Proves The Chemical Is Safe!

A Biodegradable Paint Stripper Safety Data Sheet Example! - "May Damage Fertility Or The Unborn Child"

They Tell You That Biodegradable Chemicals Are Safe! So Why The Need For So Much Safety Protection?


Person Pushing Chemicals Should Guarantee The Toxic Chemical/Lead Cocktails Biodegrade Properly!

What Happens To The Lead! In The Massive Chemical/Lead Cocktail Waste Created By Chemical Strips?

Do The Chemical Paint Strippers Separate All Their Lead Waste! Or Does It Just Magically Disappear?

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane - Chemical Paint Stripping Biodegradeable Green Washing.